2019 / 2020


Active School Week is here.. but with a twist! For one year only, please welcome... Active Home Week!

If you are brave enough, have a look at our school website and Facebook pages to see what's involved! Send any photos of the activities or challenges you engage with to your class teacher and we can upload to our Active Home Week page!
Have fun and get active!

Check out the Active Schools Week tan on this website for lots of ideas...

This is the main link where you can get lots of ideas on what to do at home for Active Home Week!! https://activeschoolflag.ie/index.php/active-home-week-2020/

Another great website is “Healthy Ireland”. On this site you will find ways to eat healthy, be active and wellbeing advice; https://www.gov.ie/en/campaigns/healthy-ireland/

Have fun and get active!

Website Links to keep you active during Active Home Week

  1. Active Home Week; https://activeschoolflag.ie/index.php/active-home-week-2020/
  2. Healthy Ireland; https://www.gov.ie/en/campaigns/healthy-ireland/
  3. Kilbride National School; https://kilbridenstrim.ie/2019-2020-2/
  4. Physical Activity Ideas; https://www.schooldays.ie/articles/Ideas-to-keep-the-kids-physically-active-at-home?open
  5. Healthy Eating Tips; https://www.fooddudes.ie/food-dudes-fun-at-home/
  6. PE at Home; https://www.scoilnet.ie/pdst/physlit/beyond/
  7. Keeping children happy, healthy and learning movement skills; https://m.independent.ie/irish-news/education/keeping-the-learning-going-at-home-how-to-keep-children-happy-healthy-and-learning-movement-skills-while-schools-are-closed-39141057.html
  8. PE with Joe Wicks, The Body Coach; https://youtu.be/Na1rzigYlSU
  9. 8 Dances to Teach the Children; https://dabbledoomusic.com/blog/206686/dancestoteachyourkidsathome
  10. GAA Activities; https://www.gaa.ie/my-gaa/getting-involved/kids-activities
  11. Go Noodle; https://family.gonoodle.com/
  12. Daily 10 minute exercises; https://rtejr.rte.ie/10at10/

27th April 2020

Please take photos of any activities or challenges you engage with.

Send the pictures to your class teacher and we can upload them to our Active Home Week page!

Have fun!

27th April 2020

Pesent this certificate to everyone who has engaged with Active Home Week - certificate

27th April 2020

Keep a record of all the activities you have completed here - challenge-chart

27th April 2020

Click on the link attached to browse through a Word Cloud packed with active ideas for you and your family to complete! - word-cloud

27th April 2020

Here is a letter explaining everything you need to know for Active Home Week 2020letter

27th April 2020

Active School Week has become Active Home Week for this year!

There are lots of amazing activities to keep everyone in your family active this year.

Have a look and see what challenges you can take on!

Click on the following link for more information: https://activeschoolflag.ie/index.php/active-home-week-2020/#toggle-id-4