Blue Star Programme 2019 / 2020

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Blue Star Programme – Projects



Christopher Albania
Hannah Austria
Ellie – Mai Belgium
Michael Bulgaria
William Croatia
Hugo Cyprus
Ryan Denmark
Senan Estonia
Cian Finland
Daragh Sweden
Sean H Germany
Lenny Greece
Sean M Hungary
Jennifer Ireland
Joe France
Scott Latvia
Luke Lithuania
Werner Luxembourg
Caolan Malta
Sam Netherlands
Lauren Norway
Lucy Poland
Alex Portugal
Donal Romania
Charlie Russia
Pearce Slovakia
Aoife Slovenia
Kate Spain
Michele Italy
Sofia Switzerland
Elsie Turkey
Hannah – May Ukraine
Sean O’ S United Kingdom

Topics to consider when researching for a project on a country

  • Population
  • Traditions (Any special days associated with the country?)
  • How they celebrate feasts and festivals.
  • Food
  • Flag
  • Map
  • Weather
  • Leader of the country
  • Language
  • Famous landmarks / buildings
  • Cities / towns (What is the capital city of the country?)
  • Famous people from the country
  • Clothes
  • Symbol of the country
  • National Anthem
  • Mountains / rivers / lakes
  • Largest / smallest city
  • Time difference compared to Ireland
  • Seasons
  • Plants / trees / animals associated with the country
  • Stories from the country
  • Sports
  • When was the country discovered?
  • Are they a member of the European Union? If they are, since when?
  • Toys the children play with
  • What school is like in this country.