2019 / 2020

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Blue Star History Projects

The children in Third and Fourth Class are working very hard in groups researching and doing projects about famous Europeans as part of the Blue Star Programme. The famous people and the groups are as follows:

  • Christopher Columbus

Aoife, Ryan, Elsie and Senan

  • Tom Crean

Alex, Michael, Kate and Cian

  • Mary Robinson

Michele, Daragh, Charlie and Seán

  • Nano Nagle

Werner, Hugo, Jennifer and Caolán

  • Michael D Higgins

Pearce, Lauren, Lucy, Scott and Hannah

  • Winston Churchhill

Sam, Ellie – Mai, Luke and William

  • Ludwig Van Beethoven

Lenny, Donal, Sofia and Christopher

  • Leonardo di Vinci

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Reminder: Project Work

Blue Star Programme Projects are due in next Wednesday, 16th October 2019 from Third and Fourth Class. You have one final week to put your finishing touches to your projects. Mrs. Crosby cannot wait to see all the hard work that was put into these projects over the last six weeks!

European Day of Languages - Thursday, 26th September 2019

Today in Third and Fourth Class we celebrated European Day of Languages. The children all found out the language of their country (for the Blue Star Programme). We went around the classroom and the children told each other these countries and their languages. Then we looked at a powerpoint presentation all about European Day of Languages and why we celebrate it. The children then got a chance to examine how people say "Hello" and "Goodbye" in other languages. To end our lesson the children then did a wordsearch on "How to say Hello in Europe". This wordsearch was a great challenge for the children and they found it a lot of fun! We are really enjoying learning about Europe and the European Union.

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Project Work

The children in Third and Fourth Class started researching their countries this week that they got as part of the Blue Star Programme. They have until Wednesday, 16th October 2019 to complete their projects. Mrs. Crosby has decided that Tuesday evenings for the next five weeks will be project night - learning and reading homework along with researching their project! The children are really looking forward to doing their projects. When the projects are complete the children will then take it in turns to present their projects to the rest of the class and teach us all about their country!

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Blue Star Programme – Projects

Name Country
Christopher Albania
Hannah Austria
Ellie – Mai Belgium
Michael Bulgaria
William Croatia
Hugo Cyprus
Ryan Denmark
Senan Estonia
Cian Finland
Daragh Sweden
Sean H Germany
Lenny Greece
Sean M Hungary
Jennifer Ireland
Joe France
Scott Latvia
Luke Lithuania
Werner Luxembourg
Caolan Malta
Sam Netherlands
Lauren Norway
Lucy Poland
Alex Portugal
Donal Romania
Charlie Russia
Pearce Slovakia
Aoife Slovenia
Kate Spain
Michele Italy
Sofia Switzerland
Elsie Turkey
Hannah – May Ukraine
Sean O’ S United Kingdom

Topics to consider when researching for a project on a country

  • Population
  • Traditions (Any special days associated with the country?)
  • How they celebrate feasts and festivals.
  • Food
  • Flag
  • Map
  • Weather
  • Leader of the country
  • Language
  • Famous landmarks / buildings
  • Cities / towns (What is the capital city of the country?)
  • Famous people from the country
  • Clothes
  • Symbol of the country
  • National Anthem
  • Mountains / rivers / lakes
  • Largest / smallest city
  • Time difference compared to Ireland
  • Seasons
  • Plants / trees / animals associated with the country
  • Stories from the country
  • Sports
  • When was the country discovered?
  • Are they a member of the European Union? If they are, since when?
  • Toys the children play with
  • What school is like in this country.