October 2023

Hello everyone

Hard to believe its nearly midterm break already! The children are working so hard and really deserve a lovely break.

We participated in Maths week this week it was a great success, especially the whole school maths trail.

Huge congrats to Isabelle who won 2nd prize in an art competition I entered the class into.

She won a 50 euro voucher for the Headfort Hotel in Kells.

Well done Isabelle!.

Well done to Rebecca who was selected as our rep on the student Council.

Swimming lessons are finished, well done to all the children!

We are getting ready for Halloween ๐ŸŽƒ children are doing lots of art, poetry and creative writing.

Photos to follow.

Enjoy midterm break,

Ms Olwill

October 2023

Hello everyone

Welcome to 3rd class. We have had a very busy term and the children are working so hard. It's hard to believe midterm is upon us!

Well done to Isabelle for winning 2nd prize in an art competition. She won a 50 euro voucher for the Headfort Hotel in Kells. Enjoy Isabelle!

Congrats to Rebecca who is now our Student council representative.

We had great fun for maths week, we especially enjoyed the whole school maths trail on Thursday.

We also did lots of fun maths activities in class.

Swimming lessons have finished, well done, definitely a highlight of each week!

We are busy preparing for Halloween with lots of poetry, creative writing and art.

Enjoy the midterm break!

Ms Olwill

Photos to follow

October 2023

Hello everyone

It's hard to believe it's nearly midterm break.. The children have been working so so hard and I am so proud of each and every one of them.

We completed our swimming lessons on Wednesday 18th October, it was such fun and a big well done to all the children. Definitely a highlight of this term!.

I entered the children into an art competition for a prize in the Headfort Hotel in Kells. I'm delighted to announce that Isabelle Lynam got 2nd place! She won a voucher for 50euros!!! Well done Isabelle. Enjoy your treat in the Headfort Hotel!

We also had our student council elections. Well done to Oisรฌn, Rebecca and Emma Jane who were our candidates. Congratulations to Rebecca who is our 3rd Class representative.

We really enjoyed maths week this week.. We had a whole school maths trail on Thursday morning. We have also been completing fun maths games in our classroom.

We are getting ready for Halloween in our classroom. Children love this time of year.

Happy holidays everyone and enjoy a well deserved break!

Ms Olwill

Maths Week 2023

Fifth and sixth class have been partaking in lots of fun maths activities this week, including a very exciting live team maths quiz hosted by Wexford Education Centre.

Little Red Riding Hood

As part of our whole school Primary Language Plan we have been working on the writing genre of recount. We created some wonderful newspaper articles all about what Little Red has been getting up to.

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD newspaper articles

For the month of September we have been working on the writing genre of recount. We created some wonderful newspaper articles all about Little Red and what she has been getting up to.

Welcome Back Everyone

We would like to welcome everyone back to Kilbride National School after the Easter holidays. Hoping you all had a wonderful, relaxing Easter break and we look forward to the final term of the school year 2023/2024. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Seachtain na Gaeilge

We have been very busy celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge in Kilbride National School. As part of our Seachtain na Gaeilge celebrations we performed the "Haka as Gaeilge" today, Monday the 13th March 2023, as a whole school. Well done to all the girls and boys who did a wonderful performance and above all we had great fun in preparing for our whole school performance today.

Curious Minds 2023

13th and 14th February 2023

As part of the whole school science award we investigated how nappies really work!

Investigate and develop an understanding of how everyday items work

Mrs Mallee and her fifth and sixth class pupils investigated the science of how nappies really work.

How everyday items work โ€“ The Nappy Experiment
Aim: To remove the polycrylate crystals from a nappy and test their absorbency.
Plastic Bag,
Measuring Jug,
1. Cut open the inside of your nappy with the scissors.
2. Scoop out the cotton wool and the polycrylate dust and put it in your plastic bag.
3. Shake the bag and use your fingers to fully separate the cotton wool from the polycrylate.
4. Mix water with the dust and stir for 1 minute, observing what happens.
5. Continue to add more water and again observe.
Results: After about one minute the dust changed to a gel and expanded. The more water that was added, the more it expanded.
Conclusion: Polycrylate has excellent absorbency properties and is a very appropriate material for a nappy.