Communications Policy


Ní neart go cur le chéile


Kilbride National School Communication Policy


The staff of Kilbride N.S places a huge emphasis on positive communication between the school, the home, and the community. In order to promote a positive and beneficial code of communication, the staff and Board of Management of Kilbride N.S. have devised a Communication Policy.


The following has been put in place:

  • If a parent wishes to communicate a minor piece of information e.g. a child has forgotten their lunch; dental appointment reminders etc. this can be communicated via a note in the homework journal/homework folder or by a phone call.
  • If a child is sick, absent or late a letter is necessary, and a phone call will not suffice.
  • All notes explaining absences must be given to the Principal.
  • General school information is sent home as a letter and placed in the child’s homework folder.
  • Short announcements and reminders will be communicated to the parent via text. All parents must ensure that the correct mobile number is given to the school for text purposes.
  • If a child fails to complete all of, or part of, their homework, a note will be sent home detailing the homework not completed.
  • If a child misbehaves, the staff of Kilbride N.S. refers to the Code of Behaviour Policy for procedure.
  • If a staff member has a concern relating to the well-being of a child i.e. the child is hurt or sick, a phone call will be made informing the parent of the school’s concern.
  • If a staff member has a concern relating to a child’s progress, a letter will be sent asking the parent to make a suitable appointment with the teacher to discuss the child’s progress. If a parent is unable to attend a meeting, for whatever reason, every effort will be made to arrange a suitable appointment. However, it is imperative that the concern is discussed as soon as possible in order to help the child.
  • If a parent has a concern relating to their child a letter is required in order to make an appointment to see a member of staff.
  • No Parent/Teacher meetings are permitted to take place on the day of holidays.
  • Parent/Teacher Meetings are strictly appointment only.
  • A Parent-Teacher Meeting takes place every year in order to communicate each child’s progress. However, these meetings are not exclusive to any month and can occur throughout the academic year if deemed necessary.
  • If parents have a concern or complaint, the Parental Complaints Policy must be followed and adhered to.


This policy was approved by the Board of Management in the academic year 2018/2019 and will be reviewed in the academic year 2019/2020.


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