Senior Infants and First Class - Miss Mullen


The boys and girls in senior infants and first class want to say a big hello! 🙂 They are delighted to be back to school and everyone has settled back in and enjoyed their first week with their friends.

Keep an eye on our page, we will be updating it with pictures of us learning and having lots of fun throughout this school year.[vc_row][vc_column][us_single_image image="6805"][vc_column_text]                                                             September 2020

The sun was shining today, so the boys and girls in first class were lucky enough to go outside to learn in the outdoor classroom! We hope the sunshine continues!! :)[vc_row][vc_column][us_gallery ids="6810,6811,6812,6813" columns="2" indents="1"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Tree day!

We celebrated national tree day by going on a nature walk around the school grounds. We looked at the different parts of a tree and we chose leaves to bring back into the classroom for our leaf rubbing art. We had lots of fun!

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Senior infants

Senior infants have been practising writing their letters. Check out their wonderful handwriting 🙂

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         October 2020

The boys and girls in senior infants and first class know lots about the different seasons. We are enjoying learning about Autumn and we are watching for the changes in the trees, leaves and the weather. We did some lovely Autumn art last week. Take a look at our colourful squirrels! Aren't they the nicest, most colourful squirrels you have ever seen?!

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The children in senior infants and first class began GAA training this week. They were practising their football skills and had lots of fun. I think the next Meath football team will come from Kilbride national school!! 🙂

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Maths week 12th - 18th October

This week was maths week and we had lots of fun using our maths skills. We did a maths trail outside and we had a whole class maths quiz! There was some tricky questions in the quiz, but the mathematicians in senior infants and first class had no problems. The prize was extra class dojo points so we got very competitive!! Well done to all the boys and girls for participating in maths week 🙂

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The boys and girls in senior infants and first class were looking very scary today! They put lots of effort into their outfits and makeup and gave Ms. Mullen a huge fright this morning! We had lots of fun today. We had our Halloween parade, Halloween musical statues, Halloween art, Halloween bingo and a Halloween party with lots of sweets! 🙂

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Shapes! - November 2020

Who knew shapes could be so much fun?! The boys and girls in senior infants and first class have been learning all about 2D shapes this week. We also did a shape hunt and found lots of circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and semi circles in our classroom.

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Welcome back Twinkl! 🙂 

Our elf Twinkl has returned and we are delighted to have him back! He appeared very early this year because he is self - isolating for one week. He is protecting us by wearing a mask and using his own hand sanitiser.. What a clever elf 🙂 We cannot wait to see what tricks he plays on us.. We will have to wait and see!

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We challenged ourselves to make bridges using paper, straws, pipe cleaners, sellotape, blue tack and spagetti. The bridges had to be strong enough to hold a bear!! The children designed excellent bridges and they all held a bear 🙂 But then, Twinkl the elf appeared and thought it would be a great idea to sit on the bridges...

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1st March 2021:

The children returned to school today with big smiles 🙂

Everyone is very happy to be back to school with their friends. We are looking forward to having lots of fun, while learning over the next few months!

Growing cress seeds: Science:

The boys and girls planted cress seeds. They worked in groups to decorate the pots so when the seeds grow they will look like mini monsters!! We have been taking great care of our plants and we water them every day.

Take a look at how much our cress plants have grown in just one week:

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Outdoor classroom:

We love spending time in our outdoor classroom.

Here are the children completing a healthy vs unhealthy food project outside in groups.

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Letter formation with playdoh:

The boys and girls in senior infants are working hard learning their sounds. They love using their playdoh to form their letters. Take a look at our super 'sh':

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St. Patricks day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of the lovely little leprechauns in senior infants and first class!

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We had lots of fun this week learning about length in Maths.

We used cubes, straws, hand spans and books to measure the length of the classroom door, the window, our tables, the bookcase etc.

First class even measured the length of our classroom and playground in metres!

Take a look at some of our photos..

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Signs of Spring

This week, senior infants and first class went on a walk around the school grounds to see how many signs of spring we could find. We spotted lots of lovely daffodils, dandelions, the sun, buds growing on the trees and primroses. But we were  little disappointed that there were no baby lambs in Kilbride!!

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Easter chicks

We made very cute and colourful Easter chicks during art this week.

All of the boys and girls in senior infants and first class, wish everyone a happy Easter!

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Active Schools Week 2021

The children in senior infants and first class enjoyed this year's Active Schools Week. Some of the activities they participated in were:

  • PE stations (relays with hurdles/ basketball/ skipping/ hulahoops/ tennis/ penalty shots)
  • Running around the basketball court
  • In- class exercises
  • Follow the leader
  • Traffic lights
  • Duck duck goose
  • A fitness challenge at home

Take a look at photographs of the boys and girls keeping active.[vc_row][vc_column][us_gallery ids="7398,7399,7400,7401,7402,7403,7404,7405,7406,7407,7409,7410,7408,7411,7412,7413,7414" columns="4" indents="1"][/vc_column][/vc_row] 

Maths: Weight

The children had lots of fun this week learning about 'Weight' in maths. Almost everything in our classroom was weighed using our balance scales!

Take a look at some pictures of the boys and girls working really hard, weighing objects.[vc_row][vc_column][us_gallery ids="7416,7417,7418" columns="3" indents="1"][/vc_column][/vc_row] 


This week the children had lots of fun going on a scavenger hunt around our classroom using magnets to find magnetic objects.[vc_row][vc_column][us_gallery ids="7420,7421,7422,7423" columns="2" indents="1"][/vc_column][/vc_row] 

And relax..

The school day is a busy day and the boys and girls get tired! Today we ended our day with guided meditation. The children enjoyed it and went home feeling relaxed :)[vc_row][vc_column][us_gallery ids="7424,7425" columns="2" indents="1"][/vc_column][/vc_row]


The boys and girls learned all about money and now they cannot wait to go to the shops and buy toys!! money-1money-3money-2

Enjoying the sunshine!

We have enjoyed getting out into the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine (when it appeared!!) Take a look at some of our photos from PE and when we did some work outside on the grass.

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There was huge excitement when the boys and girls seen the ice-cream van arriving at our school! They couldn't believe their eyes!! I was told it was 'the best day ever'!!

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Our school tour 2021

The children in senior infants and first class had a super, fun filled day in Navan Adventure Centre. The children got involved in mini golf, the bouncing castles, go karting, human foosball, foot golf, obstacle course, rock climbing and tug of war.

Take a look at some of our photos..

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Sport Day 2021

Everyone had a super day at our Sports Day. The boys and girls had lots of fun with bubbles, the obstacle course, the races, penalty shoot outs, skipping, hula hoops, basketball, tennis and dodge ball. The day ended with ice pops and lots of happy, smiley children!

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