European Union Projects





The children In Third and Fourth Class have started their geography projects for this programme. Each child in Third and Fourth class have a European Union country in which they have to complete a geography project on. This project will be due in on or before Wednesday, 21st of October 2015. Every Tuesday for the next six weeks the children in Third and Fourth class will do their learning and their project for homework.

Chiamaka = United Kingdom

Anna = Spain

Shane = Slovakia

Ellie = Portugal

Conor = Poland

Megan = Netherlands

Tara = Malta

Ronan = Luxembourg

Jane = Lithuania

Paraic - Latvia

Lucy = Ireland

Mark = Hungary

Sara = Sweden

Fionn = Greece

Rachel = Germany

Elle - Mai = France

Cormac = Finland

Ellie = Estonia

Alessandro = Italy

Joseph = Denmark

Joshua = Cyprus

Cormac = Croatia

Annie - Jane = Bulgaria

Nathan = Belgium

Rian = Austria

The children cannot wait to start researching their projects and doing their projects. When all the projects have been collected up from the children they will be on display in the school. Good Luck to all the children in Third and Fourth Class with their projects!