Step 1 - Science

Step 1: Science: Materials: Properties and characteristics of Materials

The children in Junior Infants enjoyed this fun and messy science experiment 'Making Playdoh'.

We gathered the equipment needed: Flour, oil, salt, cream of tartare, warm water, food colouring, a large bowl, a jug and a wooden spoon.

We followed the steps and worked together as a team. Everyone had a chance to give the ingrediants a mix.

Once our playdoh was made, we had great fun playing with it.

Take a look at our photos.

Science week

During science week each class buddied up with another class to carry out Science experiements.

Junior Infants and 6th Class worked together.

Their science experiments/ stations included:

  1. The Slime Station
  2. Magic Science
  3. Magnets
  4. The explorers station - mountains/ trees/ beach/ grass

Take a look at science in action with Junior Infants and 6th class.


Living things: Plants and animals

The boys and girls in Junior Infants have learned lots about Autumn. They know many facts about Squirrels, Hedgehogs and trees, They enjoyed going on a nature walk around our school to collect leaves. Everyone did lots of beautiful Autumn art - take a look at our photos.


Living things: Plants and animals

The children in Junior Infants have been learning lots about 'Spring' in Science, Geography, Art and Aistear. We have been spotting signs of Spring in our school environment.

Everyone was very excited to learn about the lifecycle of a chicken.

We discussed the lifecycle - egg, embryo, hatching, chick, adult hen or rooster.

The children sequenced the lifecycle and enjoyed listening to a story on youtube. We also integrated what we learned in Science into our Art lesson when the children designed chicks for our Spring display.


Living things: Plants and animals

The children in Junior Infants planted cress seeds today. We placed them near the window and we are going to water them daily. Everyone is very excited to watch their cress seeds growing. We put eyes on our plant pots to make funny looking cress heads!!

We also drew what we think our cress will look like in two weeks.

We will update you with photos of our cress when they grow.. (Hopefully very soon!!)

An update on our Cress plants

The Children in Junior Infants took great care of their cress plants over the last two weeks.

Today they were delighted when they got to bring them home.

Science - Environmental Awareness and Care

The children in Senior Infants have been learning about the importance of looking after our school grounds in spring time.. They have been learning about the different plants and flowers that grow in spring time, and how to make sure that the environment is clean and healthy so that the plants will be able to grow. We talked about the importance of spring flowers for pollinators, and we went on a nature walk to observe what spring flora and fauna we could find. The children then completed drawings of the flowers they had found. They are learning the names of these flowers, and are becoming more aware of our beautiful natural heritage here in County Meath, and of the need to protect our environment.

Science Week - 2nd Class

Second Class welcomed First Class into their room during Science Week to showcase some of their favourite Science experiments, one which included making slime, of course. The children enjoyed mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar together to get a reaction and try blow air into balloons. The children also took part in the experiment of 'invisible writing' , using bicarbonate of soda, lemon and an iron (please note an adult supervised this activity at all times : )) Furthermore, throughout Science Week the children enjoyed watching fun and engaging experiments on YouTube by Dr Brain. We enjoyed putting some of his experiments to the test ourselves in class afterwards!

Science Week continued....

The children in 2nd Class got to enjoy going to the older classes 4th/5th & 6th to see their wonderful Science projects. The older children got to show and discuss their wonderful Science projects. Lots of the projects were very interactive and allowed the younger children to try & test at each of the stations. This was a great experience for the younger children as it gave them an insight into what they will do when they are in the older classes in a couple of years.

Energy and Forces - exploring friction

The Senior Infants learnt about the force of friction, and how it impacts on the speed of an object. They conducted an experiment using toy cars, to see if they would go faster in the hall where the floor is shiny and friction is low, or in the yard where the rough surface creates a lot of friction. They discovered that less friction makes the cars travel faster, while high friction slows them down. They talked about the impacts of friction in their every day lives - from playground slides to their favourite sports.

Living things - Green Day

On Green Day, the whole school took part in planting a variety of seeds in our school garden. We chose to plant flowers and plants that will attract pollinators and will improve our local ecosystem. These included cornflowers, cosmos, strawberries and lavender. The older classes planted fresh seed in the school wildflower garden, and we are hoping it will be as spectacular as it was last summer. The garden provides a great opportunity for hands-on learning experiences about Living Things.

Space Week-1st Class

We celebrated Space week learning all about the Planets. We had a space table quiz and completed some worksheets and art based on space.