Step One - Science


Environmental Awareness and Care

Caring for my Locality

Junior Infants

Spring has sprung!

The children in Junior Infants engaged with Spring Nature Walks and Scavenger Hunts to spot signs of Spring. We used our five senses to find signs of new life in our school gardens.

The children enjoyed getting their hands dirty while planting sunflower seeds. They learned all about how to look after a plant once the seed has been planted.

The children also learned to identify the parts of a plant.

Energy and Forces 


Junior Infants

The children in Junior Infants were AMAZED with our latest Science trick.

We used force and pushed a sharp pencil through a zip-lock bag full of water!

Can you believe it? Well take a look for yourself!

(SSSSSSSSHHHH......The trick is to push quickly with force. If you push slowly, there is a chance the experiment won't work!)

Living things 


Senior Infants

We learned all about our senses in Senior infants.

To test our sense of touch we closed our eyes and put our hand into a bag full of objects and items and guessed what we picked out.

To test our sense of hearing one person stood at the top of the room with their back turned and listened out for a clap. We had to guess what side of the room the clap came from.

To test our sense of sight we played a game of 'I spy with my little eye'.

To test our sense of taste, we described foods using the vocabulary sour/ sweet/ soft/ chewy etc. and we had to guess what food our friends were describing.

To test our sense of smell we discussed what we could smell for example; freshly cut grass/ coffee/ soap etc.

Take a look at the worksheet we completed on our senses.


Properties and Characteristics of Materials

Senior Infants

The children in senior infants had lots of fun observing the materials that are used when building a house. We discussed the walls, doors, roof, floors, windows etc. We discussed why glass is used in windows, why bricks are used for the walls etc.

The children had lots of fun building houses using different materials; lego blocks, straws, playdoh and cocktail sticks. We read the story 'The three little Pigs' and Ms. Mullen was the wolf and tried to blow our houses down.

Take a look at our pictures.

Additional Evidence: Integration with Farm Safe Schools

Living Things/Environmental Awareness and Care/Plants and Animals

Third and Fourth Class

Farm Safe Schools

Module One; Farmer, Farmyard and Field Safety

The children in Third and Fourth Class have been working very hard at Farm Yard Safety since coming back to school after their Christmas holidays. Some of the topics covered in Module One has curriculum links with Science under the strands of "Living Things" and "Environmental Awareness and Care". So please we would be delighted for you to click on this link to visit our part of the school website to see all the work that we have completed as part of module one!

Third and Fourth Class

Farm Safe Schools

Module Two; Animal Safety and Care

The beginning of this module fits under the Strand of Living Things and the Strand Unit of Plants and Animals. The children learned all about the animals we would find on a farm. We learned about cows, bulls, horses, cats, dogs, pigs, piglets and poultry. We learned the warning signs of what to look out for if these animals get annoyed. We also learned different ways in which these animals can communicate with us how they are feeling. Please visit the Farm Safe Schools link here in this post to see everything that we learned and see some photographs of the children!

Space Week 2021/2022

All classes in Kilbride National School engaged with Space Week.

The children enjoyed learning the names of the planets (through use of a pneumonic in Second Class).

The children discovered some poems/rhymes connected with Space such as 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star'!

The children integrated Space Week with some Maths activities and created some fun patterns.

They created their own planet art. The children were so creative!

Have a look at some of our activities.

Science Week 2021/2022

Third and Fourth Class, Science Week - Monday, 8th November 2021

The children in Third and Fourth Class did a lot today for Science in celebrating our first day of Science Week. As a whole class we examined twenty - three different types of scientists and matched these scientist to the jobs that they do.

As a whole class, we examined famous scientists and inventors; Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Betty Holberton, Bill Gates, Charles Darwin, Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Garret Morgan, George Washington Carver, Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Margaret Hamilton, Marie Curie, Mario Molina, Nikola Tesla, Robert Fulton, Samuel Morse, Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers.

The children completed a Science Alphabet Trail. This is where there were 26 scientific questions where each answer began with a letter of the alphabet. Some of these were tricky but they had great fun while doing it.

Finally, the children also looked at a video of scientist Kevin Delaney completing some fun science experiments on the interactive panel in the classroom.

Third and Fourth Class, Science Week - Tuesday, 9th November 2021

Third and Fourth Class were working very hard at all their science today. We focused on the Stand Living Thing and the Strand Unit of Human Life. The children in Third and Fourth Class learned how to take their pulse today and the job that our heart has inside of our bodies. The children recorded their resting heart rate, we all ran on the spot for five minutes and recorded our pulse after exercise. We also learned some very interesting facts; An adult's heart beats 70 beats a minute, a mouse's heart beats 500 beats a minute and an elephants heart beats 25 beats a minute!


We also looked at our fingerprints. We discussed what fingerprints are used for and that everybody's finger print is unique to them. The children then took their own fingerprint and examine them. They then decided if their fingerprints were made up of cusps, ridges, loops and splits!

The final experiments we did today involved our eyes. The children carried out an experiment to find out which one of their eyes is their dominant eye. They also carried out an experiment to find their blind spot.


(These experiments were all found on the website)

To end our Science for today, we then watched some Halloween Science Experiments by Kevin Delaney. We also started watching a video "Defying Gravity" which we will continue to watch the next day .

The children really enjoyed all the science activities today. They are work very hard. Well done Third and Fourth Class!

Third and Fourth Class - Science Experiment "Good Egg"

This week and last week the children in Third and Fourth Class have been learning all about the Dead Sea and how things float in salt water. Here you have a picture of an egg that has sank in freshwater and an egg floating in salt water - Our Dead Sea in a beaker!


Science Week - First Class

It was science week last week! First class were very busy conducting their own experiments and learning about so many different things. Have a look at our skittle experiment.

Skittle time! We tested out the effect water has on skittles. We soon found out that we could create our own rainbow.


Senior infants science week 2021

The children in senior infants had lots of fun this week celebrating science week. They learned one interesting fact each day and they carried out lots of experiments, including 'dancing raisins', 'the floating apple', germs on bread' and 'erupting volcanos'.

Take a look at our senior infants scientists!

Fifth and Sixth Class - Science Week 2021

This week we has lots of fun learning all about our ourselves and our environment.

On Monday we used white spirits and oil paint an created marbled paper.

On Tuesday we used a balloon to propel a car.

On Wednesday we investigated the bacteria on our hands using two slices of bread. We also did some mirror writing.

On Thursday we discovered our blind spot and our dominant eye.

On Friday we created our own volcanic reactions using the acid vinegar and the base bicarbonate of soda.

We also learned many fun facts, watched some very interesting science experiments on our interactive whiteboard and learned about other famous scientists.

It was a brilliant week of both learning and fun!

Science Week in Junior Infants

Who knew Skittles could be so much fun!

Runaway Pepper!

Cola and Mentos Explosion!

We predicted what might happen during or after each experiment, and even recorded everything that happened on paper.

Have a look at what we got up to!

Science Week 2021

Some of the experiments in 2nd class included exploring if an egg could bounce. The children loved this activity and we had so much fun seeing if it would work.

Some of the children even tried it at home and sent in the videos to show us. Unfortunately our egg didn't bounce in the classroom and luckily there was newspaper on the ground to catch the smashed egg.

The children also enjoyed popping pencils into water-filled plastic bags. They were so amazed when the pencils went right through the bags and no water spilled!

The children investigated materials as part of Science week and they had great fun designing/drawing their own coat!