Step Two - Technology


First and Second class learnt about robotics and the use of robots in different fields. We researched using books and videos, and we learnt how robots are used in factories and in dangerous places such as volcanoes and on other planets. We then learnt about how robots are constructed. Everyone was amazed by how complex robots are.. In the next phase of our project, we met our class robot - Mio! We learnt how to program Mio, and experimented to see how Mio reacted using his sensors. Everyone enjoyed interacting with Mio the robot, and learning how to program him to move in different directions.

Using electronic components

Second and third class used electronic components to build simple circuits. We firstly used the three basic components of a circuit which includes: an energy source, an electrical load and a conductor. The class learned about the importance of creating a closed circuit to allow electricity travel around the circuit. Everyone was amazed at how we use circuits in everyday life.

After creating our circuits and lighting up the classroom the class drew labelled diagrams of the simple circuit into our exploration copies.

Explore Renewable energy technologies

2nd and 3rd class investigated a variety of renewable energy technologies. These included solar power, hydro electricity and wind energy.

The class firstly investigated how to power an electronic motor using solar power.

Using the internet 2nd and 3rd class explored the benefits of using renewable energy in contrast to non-renewable energy.

Many of the class discovered they were using renewable energies at home. These included solar panels, electric cars along with wind power. Some students brought in photos to show the renewable technology in action.

Finally 2nd and 3rd class worked together in groups to create posters to highlight the importance of renewable energy.

All posters were displayed in the school to share our learning with other students and to encourage others to use renewable energy.