Step 2 - Technology

Renewable Energy Technologies

The pupils in fifth and sixth class explored renewable energy technologies.

They began by researching the various types on renewable and non renewable energy sources. They then explored the advantages and disadvantages associated with them.

Each pupil then researched their own particular renewable energy technology.

We created projects on:





The projects were then presented orally using visual displays created by the children.

We then displayed our projects on a central noticeboard in our school so that other classes could come and see our work.

Have a look at the fantastic work we did......

Exploring Robotics

The pupils of 4th and 5th class worked together to create projects about Robotics. We split the class into different categories for the projects

. These included:

Functioning robots - This group created robotic and simple mechanisms to carry out a function, including moving cars, simple circuit lights and a moving bug.

3D - models - This group created 3D life like models of robots through arts and crafts

Lego - This group used various lego pieces to create vehicles and structures. Some vehicles were powered with batteries and remote control.

Research projects - The children researched all about robots at home and online before creating posters to share with the class.

Everyone had great fun and learned so much about Robotics.