Blue Star Programme 2023 / 2024

Piet Mondrian - Artist of the Month

The September artist of the month in our whole school is the wonderful Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

Fifth and sixth class created some wonderful pieces of artwork inspired by Piet.

Report Writing - Ireland

The boys and girls in fifth and sixth class created wonderful projects all about out own wonderful island, Ireland. We learned and shared many amazing facts about our country and compiled all of this information in beautifully presented projects. See below for a few photograps of just a few examples of 32 projects.

Joan Miró - Artist of the Month

The boys and girls in 5th and 6th Class learned all about the Spanish artist Joan Miró. Check out their artwork.

Second Class really enjoyed learning about Germany in SESE recently. We decided to do a little further research of the country and the children gathered lots of extra information for their fact file sheets (see above). The children loved learning about the different foods in Germany, They also loved to hear about some of the German traditions and they couldn't believe that there is such a thing as the Autobahn. It led to a whole class discussion of road safety and rules of the road. The children were engaged and excited to share their knowledge of the country, in particular, all their football knowledge!

January artist of the month

4th & 5th class were learning all about Joan Miro the Spanish Artist. After studying his work and historic collection the class created some excellent artwork using his techniques.

All about Ireland

4th & 5th class learned all about Ireland as part of a recent Geography project. The class focused on rivers, lakes mountains and loads of interesting information about Ireland and Irish culture.

4th & 5th class enjoying the blue star quiz

Historical Element quiz winners 4th & 5th class

Geography Element quiz winners 4th & 5th class

4th & 5th culture and creativity winners

Geography Elements Quiz

The boys and girls in fifth and sixth class completed the second quiz this week. It was great fun to learn all about the geography of Europe.

Blue Star Quiz - Institutional Element Quiz and Culture & Creativity Element Quiz -

5th & 6th Class

The boys and girls really enjoyed the final two quizzes in the Blue tar Programme.

Europe week 2024

Everyone had great fun celebrating Europe week recently. 4th and 5th class researched all about different countries around Europe before making posters to display about their favourite country. Well done to everyone for putting in a huge effort. The projects look great.