2021 / 2023

2022/2023 Feel Good Fridays -

Kilbride NS enjoyed 'Skipping into the Weekend'

The children love to skip and show their skipping skills to each other. The children are very excited to invite Mark Mc Cabe into the school in June 2023 to do a skipping workshop with all the classes. Keep an eye on the Partnership Active Flag page in June to see Mark teach the children some fun skipping tips and tricks.


Movement Breaks in Kilbride NS - focussing on decreasing sedentary time

Children in Kilbride NS always love an opportunity to take a break between all their hard work. The children love copying the dance moves on Just Dance, GoNoodle and from Bizzy breaks from the website https://irishheart.ie/schools/primary-schools/bizzy-breaks/

Junior and Senior Active Breaks

The yard in Kilbride NS is always a hive of activity especially at break times. With the wonderful, new addition of the astro-turf pitch in the school and the endless amount of yard markings, the children have lots of opportunities for extra activity during their break times. The children can enjoy hopscotch, ladder jumping, use of the hula hoops and skipping ropes (junior children) and football/games in the astro-turf (senior children). The astro-turf pitch is also shared by all classes with a weekly rota. All the children get a chance to enjoy the new facility fully, as a result.

Active Bell and Active Playground Leaders

When the bell goes at the end of both break times, the children always do an activity as a whole school. There is an active timetable on view for the playground leaders to check out the daily exercises. The playground leaders and teachers demonstrate the activity every day for all the other children to copy. The children line up after their activity.

World Book Day March 2nd 2023

The children in Kilbride NS absolutely love to read and they equally love an opportunity to dress up. We couldn't go through the day without showcasing all the children's beautiful costumes. The whole school took part in a big WBD parade around the school grounds. It provided a great movement break for all the children and they got to enjoy seeing everyone's costumes!

March 2023 Running Around Ireland initiative

The school are currently taking p[art in the Running Around Ireland 2023. It was a huge success in the school last year and the children loved seeing how many kilometres they reached collaboratively. The teachers noticed how much the children were focussed on their written activities in the classroom due to the daily running initiative. We look forward to seeing how many kilometres the children reach this year. Stay posted for the results!

Seachtain na Gaeilge 2023 / Music and Dance in the yard

Seachtain na Gaeilge is always an enjoyable celebration in our school as we continue to promote our love for the Gaelic Language. As a school we always integrate Gaeilge with other subjects. Seachtain na Gaeilge always provides opportunities for extra movement breaks and fun active activities. This year the children enjoyed dancing The Haka as Gaeilge. The whole school enjoyed extra activities with music on the yard after performing The Haka.

Maths Week - Thursday, 20th October 2022 - Maths Trail

The children in Kilbride National School were very busy doing lots of activities as part of Maths Week 2022. The children had a great day today doing our Whole School Maths Trail as part of Maths Week 2022. The children from Rand Cairde Nua all the way up to Sixth Class were split up into twelve teams. These teams got a maths trail booklet, they went around to each area and they worked together as a team to answer all the questions. Well done to all the children. They did a great job and had great fun while doing maths as you can see from the pictures below!


Active School Committee

These fantastic boys and girls are the Active School Committee members in Kilbride National School. From Junior infants up to sixth class, they each play a huge role on the committee. They are also our playground leaders and they lead the active bell exercises. They are easily spotted on the yard in their vests and if we cannot see them, we can certainly hear them blowing the whistles!!



Feel Good Active Halloween!

The children enjoyed their 'Feel Good Active Halloween' activities.

Active homework

The children in Kilbride are enjoying their active homework every week.


Active break challenge

We are staying active in the classroom with our 'Active Break Challenge'. Here are the active breaks we chose for the month of November.

Senior Infants 'Climb the Heights Challenge'

The children in Senior infants took part in the 'Climb the Heights Challenge' this week as part of the Active School Flag. They practised their skipping yesterday, and today along with Ms. Mullen and Claire they skipped a super 893 skips!! Well done boys and girls!!


Third and Fourth - Climbing the Heights - Thursday, 27th January 2022

Third and Fourth Class took part in Climb the Heights Class Challenge today as part of the Active School Flag. We skipped or star jumped for three minutes. In that time the children and Mrs Crosby got a combined jump score of 5526. One skip is the same as one metre so Third and Fourth Class climbs 5526m. Well done Third and Fourth Class 👍🎉🎉😊

Haka as Gaeilge

As part of our Seachtain na Gaeilge celebrations we performed the Haka as Gaeilge today. Why not click on the link and take a look;


Cross Country Races - 31st March 2022

Well done to all the boys and girls in 4th, 5th and 6th class who represented our school at the Cross Country races at Navan Racecourse. They did brilliantly! Everyone ran very well and they all finished.

Active bell exercises

When playtime is over and the bell rings our playground leaders lead our whole school exercises. Click on the link below to take a look at our list of exercises for April, May and June.