Step 4 - Maths

Maths Week 2023 - 2024

Everyone in our whole school took part in whole school and class activities.

Maths Quiz - 5th and 6th Class

Fifth and sixth class have been partaking in lots of fun maths activities this week, including a very exciting live team maths quiz hosted by Wexford Education Centre.

Maths week

In Kilbride National School, everyone enjoyed maths week!

Junior infants participated in lots of fun activities, including a whole school maths trail, designing and making shape monsters and doing a daily maths challenge as part of their homework.

Maths trail

During maths week the children in all classes buddied up into teams to work together and complete our whole school maths trail.

The children had to answer maths questions about our playground and all classrooms. For example; how many windows are in the Junior infants classroom? What height is the door in the 3rd class classroom? How many railings are on the yard gate? etc.

Take a look at our wonderful boys and girls working hard and having fun in their teams.

Maths Week in 2nd Class

There was a hub of excitement in 2nd class, during Maths Week 2023/2024. The children delved into fun Maths games and activities in and out of the classroom. We took part in a live Maths quiz online, the children explored shapes using tangrams and they had great fun playing lots of board games and creating 3D shapes out of cocktail sticks and marshmallows and 3D cube nets out of paper.

Maths Trail

The children took part in a whole school Maths Trail. Check out more photos below from the fun and engaging Maths Trail.

First Class-Measures

First class investigated the weight of various objects in the classroom. We made whole class predictions of the weight of different items and whether they were light/heavier than each other. We used a balance and cubes to count out the weight.

We also investigated measures during Pancake Tuesday- We made pancakes and measured out the ingredients! What a tasty lesson it was!!

Halloween Pumpkin Investigation

We explored different pumpkins on the lead up to Halloween and investigated their weight, width, height and also whether they would sink or float.