Step Four - Maths

Maths week 2022

We will be celebrating Maths Week in Kilbride National School next week Monday, 17th October 2022 to Friday, 21st October 2022. There are lots of fun activities planned throughout the week for the children to take part in. Why not check out for lots of fun activities and puzzles. Maths is part of every day life and this is so important for the children to see. Why not visit and see how we can use maths in the home with the children!

Maths week activities

Junior infants were busy sorting sets during Maths week. They organised sets according to objects, size and colour. They even made their own patterns and had lots of fun!

Take a look at our photos.

Maths week - Thursday 20th October 2022 - Maths trail

The children in Kilbride National School were very busy doing lots of activities as part of Maths Week 2022. The children had a great day today doing our Whole School Maths Trail as part of Maths Week 2022. The children from Rand Cairde Nua all the way up to Sixth Class were split up into twelve teams. These teams got a maths trail booklet, they went around to each area and they worked together as a team to answer all the questions. Well done to all the children. They did a great job and had great fun while doing maths as you can see from the pictures below!

Maths week 2022 - Ireland Rocks Competition

During Maths Week the children in Third Class, Fourth Class, Fifth Class and Sixth Class took part in the Ireland Rocks Competition as part of Time Tables Rockstars This was a chance to practice their multiplication tables in a fun way! The children made a great effort with this competition. Well done to all the boys and girls that took part in the competition.

Senior Infants - Maths Trail

Strand - Shape and Space

Strand Unit - 2D Shapes

The children in Senior Infants thoroughly enjoyed the Maths Hunt for 2D shapes. Firstly, we did lots of work learning about various 2D shapes including the rectangle, circle, square and triangle. The children then worked in pairs and went outside to find as many 2D shapes as they could. The children had a sheet with a picture of the four 2D shapes. When they found that shape they ticked the box. The children also had to draw any other 2D shapes they found outside. Some of the children found an oval and a diamond. They had great fun.

Check out the photos of all the 2D shapes the children found in the school yard