Step Four - Maths


Use Maths to record and analyse your science investigation results where appropriate

Junior Infants

The children in Junior Infants recorded and analysed several experiments throughout the year.

They children used their counting skills to record each experiment step-by-step (1, 2, 3, 4).

Maths Focused Activities - Times Tables Rockstars


Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes are taking part in a competition called Times Tables Rockstars (

As part of their every day maths homework, the children had to log on ( Monday to Thursday evening and complete some of the competitions on TTRS website to see who would be the overall winner within the school.

All the children did very well at this activity and it was a great opportunity for them to practice and reinforce their tables while also have fun!

Well done to all the girls in Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class!

Our results within the school were; Sean H (5th) - First Place, Sean M (5th) - Second Place and Eddie (3rd) - Third Place. Well done boys and congratulations!

Maths Week 2021/2022

It's Maths Week this week. The boys and girls are taking part in lots of fun activities in their classrooms this week as part of maths week.

There is lots of information and fun activities on

Maths Week is a great week where the children can experience how maths can be integrated into every day life in a fun way!!

Senior Infants

The boys and girls took part in maths challenges and had lots of fun playing snakes and ladders with their friends.

We finished our maths week off with a maths trail.

Take a look at our pictures.

Junior Infants

Spaghetti Construction.

Who knew spaghetti had other purposes other than being plain delicious!?

We had LOTS of fun creating 2D and 3D shapes with sticks of spaghetti.


Junior Infants

Maths Stations with an emphasis on using our fine motor skills.

The children created patterns using various concrete resources, matched block-to-shape temaplates and even used peg boards.

Junior Infants

Roll and Count with Cheerios and Spaghetti.

The children worked in pairs to roll and count. Whatever number the die landed on, represented the number of Cheerios to be added to the stick of spaghetti.

Not all spaghetti sticks managed to stay in an upright position!!