The Two Steve’s Workshop – Trim Library

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class attended the library. Two men named the Steves were telling us about the books they had wrote together. They read out some parts of a book they had wrote.  It was very funny. There were two schools: us and Coole N.S. They divided us up into two groups and picked a person out of each group to act out the story out as one of the Steve’s read. They had picked a person to be Captain Score Board. Whoever acted the story out best, scored a point for their team. At the end captain score board would tell us the score and we would see who was winning. They played this game with us where they would ask us about ourselves and we could not say yes or no or nod. When they had done they asked Ms.Heary and Ms.O’Carroll to play it and Ms.Heary won. At the end we were allowed to go and buy some of the books the two Steve’s had written and get them autographed. It was very good and we all enjoyed them.


By Katie and Amy in Fourth Class