Competition Time

Believe it or not we were all kids once!! 👶👶 Are ye ready for our very own Kilbride National School Easter Competition??!! “GUESS THE STAFF MEMBER”. If you guess correctly you go into a draw for an exciting prize - a Smyth’s Voucher. 🎉🎉 (The prize will be given on our return to school) Message your answers through to Facebook Messenger or email your answers to So who is it?! Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Mallee, Mrs. O’Beirne, Mrs. Crosby, Ms. Moriarty, Ms. Mullen, Ms. Rooney, Mrs.O’ Donnell, Mrs. Daly, Maureen or Nettie?? Good Luck everyone! 😊🐣🤞🤞😊 **Competition closes on Friday, 3rd April 2020 at 11am - winner will be announced at 12pm**
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