Kilbride National School Cookbook 2021

The children, teachers and parents of Kilbride National School have been working very hard at creating a “Kilbride National School Cookery Book 2021”. To date the artwork has been completed and a winner has been chosen in each classroom. It was very difficult to choose but after a difficult judging process the classroom winners are as follows:

Junior Infants - Zoey
Senior Infants- Saoirse
First Class- Lila
Second Class- Kate
Third & Fourth Class- Amelie
Fifth & Sixth Class- Michael

Congratulations to all of the boys and girls in all of the classes for putting in such a huge effort.

Kilbride National School’s Cookbook 2021; Last week all of the teachers worked on procedural writing and modelled how to write a recipe. To date many children, with the help of their older siblings and families, have written and submitted their own family favourite recipe.

FINAL DATE FOR SUBMISSION IS FRIDAY THE 15TH OF OCTOBER- (The template for typed submissions has been again attached to this week’s newsletter, for your convenience.)

- The final recipe for submission should be done at home.
- One recipe per family is plenty but of course more will be welcomed if we have more than one pupil per family in our school.
- If you are just submitting a single recipe a suggestion is that the oldest child in the family decides on the recipe, as they will be doing much of the work, and the younger siblings can contribute.
- To ensure that we get a good variety of recipes we have divided them up as follows:
Junior & Senior Infants - Desserts
First & Second Classes - Starters
Third to Sixth Classes- Mains

Within these categories children can include healthy options recipes, Christmas/ Halloween specials, homemade drinks for children, jams/ marmalades and party options). Cooking tips across any of the categories will also be welcomed.

So how do you submit your families recipe? Using the template form, the chosen recipe can be typed and then emailed to for the PA to collate. (If typing a recipe is problematic, the PA will gladly accept a hand written recipe and will type out the recipe for inclusion in the Cookery Book. Handwritten recipes can be given to the class teacher to pass on)

Completed recipes must be submitted by 15th October, so they can progress to the printers in order to have the Cookery Book ready for sale in November.