Active Schools Week , 3rd to 6th June 2014

This week in Kilbride National School in Active Schools Week. We are trying to get our Active Flag! There has been a number of activities organised for the children over the coming week including swimming, a dance performance, skip hop and P.E homework. We are really looking forward to getting as active as possible. Below is just some of the activities that we have planned for our week ahead:

Tuesday: All classes will practice the Waka Waka Dance (Drop Everything and Dance), Practice the Mexican Wave, Penalty Shootout.

Wednesday: Skip Hop Ireland visit - all classes from infants to sixth will have a lesson in skip hop. At the end, the instructor will perform a showcase for the whole school.

Thursday: Dance Lessons with Kevin and then a whole school dance performance at 12:00

Friday: Junior Infants to Second Class will attend their school tour where they will be walking and playing games. Third to Sixth class will take part in sports stations that will be set up in the at big break.

The children will practice their Waka Waka dance everyday in class as part of Drop Everything and Dance. The classes will continue to work towards their own personal marathon.

As the week progresses daily PE homework will be put up on this website along with photographs of the activities that we complete during the week.

So let us all make a big effort and GET ACTIVE!!