Active Stations

IMG_0460[1] IMG_0463[1] IMG_0465[1] IMG_0466[1] IMG_0468[1] IMG_0469[1]  IMG_0472[1] IMG_0478[1] IMG_0479[1]On Friday's, at big lunch, the Active Flag Committee set up active stations in the yard and all the children can take part. There is a skipping station, a hula hoop station, a relay station and a basketball shot station. As the weather improves we will be able to set up more stations on the football field. The Active Flag Committee keep a record on the day of how everybody does and then they put the results up on the Active board in the corridor in the school for everyone to see. All classes will be continuing this term with their weekly mile and by the end of this term all children should have completed 26 miles. Having also started swimming and dance this week the children are very active. So lets keep being active so we can get our Active School Flag!!