Blue Star Programme 2022/2023

Cultural and Creative - Art Lessons about European Artists Leonardo Di Vinci and Edward Munch

As part of the Blue Star Programme the children in Mrs Mallee’s Fifth and Sixth Class have been recreating work by famous European artists. Here are samples of The Mona Lisa by Leonardo De Vinci and The Scream by Edward Munch. Well done Fifth and Sixth Class.

Cultural and Creative - Claude Monet

Mrs O' Beirne's 4th and 5th class have been recreating work by famous European artists including Claude Monet as part of the Blue Star Programme. Here are some samples of their work:

History and Geography Element Quiz

Mrs O' Beirne's 4th and 5th class enjoyed participating in the Blue Star History and Geography Quizzes. They used their prior knowledge to answer the questions with some excellent results. Well done boys and girls!

Institutional element Quiz

2nd and 3rd class had great fun with all quiz activities. For the institutional element we split the class into pairs to compete against each other. Everyone and great fun and there was a total three winning pairs coming out with top marks!

Senior Infants - Blue Star Flag -France

The children in Senior Infants enjoyed learning about France. The children learned some interesting facts in Geography.

Senior Infants - Neil Armstrong

The children in Senior Infants learned about Space. They particularly loved learning about Neil Armstrong. They enjoyed watching the video of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.

The Olympics

We learned lots during the theme of Sport. The children learned all about the Olympics and when they first started. The children were able to identify some of the sports played at the Olympics

Europe Day - Tuesday, 9th May 2023

The children have been very busy all year learning about Europe as part of the Blue Star Programme. As part of Europe Day we did a whole school Handshake for Europe and a whole school Big Wave for Europe. This handshake and wave were in recognition of the solidarity among European countries and citizens, and to celebrate the diversity of a strong and inclusive European Union. Well done to all the boys and girls today wave!

Junior Infants - Italy

As part of the Blue Star Programme Junior Infants learned about Italy. They were amazed at the fact that the map of Italy looks like a boot! They enjoyed chatting about Italian food with their friends. Take a look at the wonderful work the children completed.