Junior Infants - Ms. Mullen

Ms. Mullen

Junior infants

Introducing our wonderful Junior infants of 2022

Humpty Dumpty

We put Humpty Dumpty together again!!


The children love using maths resources - They have been busy bees doing lots of matching and sorting activities!

Staying active

The children are having fun running, hopping, skipping and balancing! Check out our wonderful new yard markings!!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone from our very scary Junior Infants...

Music time

Junior infants had so much fun using our musical instruments..

Science Week

During Science Week, the children took part in our in- school science day where Junior infants joined up with fifth and sixth class to do experiments. The boys and girls had fun doing four experiments.

  1. Dancing raisins
  2. Rainbow Skittles
  3. Floating and sinking
  4. Magnets and magnet painting

Take a look at our pictures!