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Maths Week 2022

We have had a great start to Maths Week in Senior infants. The children had great fun making many patterns using tangrams, links and building blocks. Have a look at the photos below and see all the fabulous and creative ways the children made their patterns.

Design a Dream Home - Visual Arts

Last month, the children learned about the different types of rooms in their homes.

In Visual Arts, the children designed their dream home using lollipop sticks, magazines and their imaginations.

Senior Infants Fun from Nov -Dec 2022

Wow..... what an incredible time we have had since we returned to school after our midterm break in November. The children in Senior Infants have been exceptionally busy. There has been a hive of activity in the school as the children have immersed themselves into lots of fun activities in and out of the classroom. Science week, the Book Fair, having fun on the new all-weather pitch, Aistear - Santa's Grotto, designing Christmas cards, Christmas stockings....... to name a few. Have a look at the photos and check out some of the children in action throughout the last few weeks. They have been as busy as Santa's elves with lots more still in store to end a great year. Enjoy 🙂

Senior Infants Nativity Play "Wriggly Nativity"

Senior Infants have performed their nativity for the rest of the school. Everyone really enjoyed it!! Well done to all the boys and girls. You were all amazing! The parents are in for a treat tomorrow!!

January 2023: Aistear theme - Weather

The children in Senior Infants had great fun learning about 'weather'. During Aistear, the children became meteorologists and used different weather scenarios while presenting the weather on the 'TV'. The numeracy and literacy stations in Aistear included activities using the very popular Playdoh mats and cutting/pasting different clothes out for various climates. Other activities in the classroom included the children recording the weather on a daily basis. Furthermore, they learned lots of focail nua as Gaeilge about the weather and the children were able to describe the weather in both English and Irish when filling out the weather charts.

Salvador Dali - Artist of the Month.

Some of the activities in Visual Art included looking at the artist Salvador Dali. The children learned a little bit about Dali and we looked at some of his work, in particular, his 1948 painting 'The Elephants'. We were inspired by this painting as the elephants had extra-long legs in the painting and it was a fun painting to look and respond to. The children learned how to draw some birds with extra-long legs and they had great fun decorating the birds with lots of colour. Check out the gallery for our fun, funky birds!

The children were also very busy preparing some special art for Grandparents Day 2023. It was kept a secret until the big day in school, but look at a sneak-peek of the messy fun that we had in the classroom with paint.

PE - practicing throwing and catching skills


The children have been busy in Kilbride celebrating Catholic Schools Week 2023. They took part in some wonderful inclusive activities during the week of Catholic Schools Week.

The children celebrated St Brigid's Day this year by making their very own crosses - thanks to Mrs O'Beirne's 4th/5th class for helping them in this fun activity.

Aistear theme The Restaurant

The children are currently enjoying our fun theme of 'the restaurant' this month. The children play different roles such as waiter, waitress, chef, customer, etc in the restaurant. As you can see in the photos there is a kitchen and a table set up just like a real restaurant.

The children are encouraged to use the menus to order their food. The kitchen is kitted out with various foods and all the crockery and cutlery they need.

At the literacy and numeracy stations, children are using brochures from various supermarkets to create their own shopping lists and they are also using the Playdoh mats to make some delicious food such as gingerbread men and cupcakes!

Maths 2-D Shape hunt

We did not realise how many 2-D shapes we had in our school yard until we went out exploring and looking around us!

What fun Senior Infants had on their 2-D shape hunt. The children gasped with excitement when they were first to find certain shapes. We were able to add more shapes to our list, including an oval, diamond and hexagon. We look forward to our 3D shape hunt soon. Now, can anyone remember what the D stands for in 2-D? It was a very big word that Senior Infants learned in class last week.