Green School Day - Action for Water

We had great fun in Kilbride National School at our Day of Action for Water. Many thanks to Ms. Kealey for organising all of the great activities for this day. Many thanks also to all the parents for helping the children with their costumes. During the day we had a costume parade where everyone got to see the different water themed costumes in the school. Then we had a Water Quiz. The children in their groups also worked on, wrote and performed a water rap. Finally, the children all took part in a water relay race where the winning team had to have the most water left in their container at the end of the race. Well done to all the children for taking part in such a fun day. Well done to Joseph, Rian, Zoe, Emma - kate, Munise, Jack, Tom, James, Harry, Jennifer, Dáire and Caolan for winning the Water Quiz. Congratulation to Chaimaka, Shane, Julieann, Alana, Erica, Aishling, Rebecca, Molly, Sean, Lucy, Autum and Hannah - Mai for winning the Water Relay Race.

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