Greenwave Project 2014

We are well into the season of spring at this stage in the year. The children in 3rd and 4th class are on the lookout for various signs of spring. The children in Third and Fourth class have been taking temperature, rain and wind reading everyday and filling them in on the Greenwave chart in the classroom. Ms. McCabe then uploads these figures onto the Greenwave website every Friday. The children have also been split up into different groups and are on the lookout for various different signs of spring! The groups are as follows:

Swallow Spotters: Everyone in 3rd and 4th Class

Ash Tree Spotters: Thomas, Alana, Mark, Jack , Jenna, Robert, Sean

Hawthorn Tree Spotters: Ellen, Ross, Eva, Zoe, Ross, Finn, Amarachi

Frog Spawn Spotters: Roisín, Zach, Aishling, Mark, Julieann, Kyle, Finn

Horse Chestnut Tree Spotters: Zoe, Sinead, Kristena, Conor, Kyle, Eleanor, Nicole, Sean, Liam

Primrose Spotters: Eva, Emma - Kate, Leah, Conor, Erica, Medb

The above groups have been watching out for the Signs of Spring since the end of January / beginning of February. When the children spot one of the above they are asked to take a picture of it so that it can be uploaded onto the Greenwave website. Instead of printing these pictures off could they pleased be emailed into the school to the following address; Please put Greenwave Project, Ms. McCabe into the subject area of the email.

The children are working very hard at this element of Science. Well done to all of Third and Fourth Class and keep up the hard work.