Investigate and develop an understanding of how everyday items work

Mrs Mallee and her fifth and sixth class pupils investigated the science of how nappies really work.

How everyday items work – The Nappy Experiment
Aim: To remove the polycrylate crystals from a nappy and test their absorbency.
Plastic Bag,
Measuring Jug,
1. Cut open the inside of your nappy with the scissors.
2. Scoop out the cotton wool and the polycrylate dust and put it in your plastic bag.
3. Shake the bag and use your fingers to fully separate the cotton wool from the polycrylate.
4. Mix water with the dust and stir for 1 minute, observing what happens.
5. Continue to add more water and again observe.
Results: After about one minute the dust changed to a gel and expanded. The more water that was added, the more it expanded.
Conclusion: Polycrylate has excellent absorbency properties and is a very appropriate material for a nappy.