Nativity Play Dress Rehearsals

The children have been very busy performing their plays for one another today, Wednesday the 14th December 2022. Why not check out the relevant class tabs for some pictures of the dress rehearsals and well as our Facebook page where you will get a sneak peak of a song for each play. The plays are brilliant. The children and the teachers have put in a lot of work in preparing for tomorrows big performances. The children are really excited about performing for their parents and families. You are all in for a real treat!! Here is a reminder for the times in which each class will be performing tomorrow;

Rang Cairde Nua 9am - Ms. Corcoran

9:15 am Junior Infants-Ms Mullen

9:45 am Fifth/Sixth Class-Ms. Mallee

10:45 am Senior Infants- Ms.Rooney

11:15 am Second/Third Class- Mr. Peyton

11:50 am First/Second Class - Ms.O'Donnell

12:30 pm Fourth/Fifth Class- Ms. O' Beirne

See you all tomorrow and we hope you all enjoy!