Parent's Day - Science Week - Thursday 14th November 2013

On the 14thof November 2013 parents from the school came to see some science experiments that the children had displayed. In each classroom there were different science experiments.

In Junior Infants – Senior Infants they made:

  • Dancing raisin
  • Sound insulators
  • Musical jars
  • Telephone (where they made their own telephone)
  • Magnetism

In First class ­- Second class they did these experiments:

  • Tornado in a bottle
  • Floating egg
  • Fingerprints
  • Blind spot
  • Dominant eye
  • Mirror writing
  • Surface Tension
  • How plants drink water

In Third class –Fourth class they did these experiments:

  • How much air can my lungs hold?
  • Reaction time
  • Exercise your heart
  • Launch a rocket
  • Yeast
  • Rainbow spinner

In Fifth-Sixth class they did these experiments:

  • Balloon rocket
  • Boom it’s a rocket
  • Rainbow milk
  • Tornado in a bottle
  • Exercise your heart
  • Skewer through a balloon
  • Mirror writing
  • Electric quiz

By: Skye and Becky