Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal

This year we have decided to take part in the Team Hope Christmas Shoe Box Appeal ( Team Hope is an Irish, Christian, International Charity working to help children affected by poverty in Eastern Europe and Africa. We are asking the children to fill a shoebox with gifts for these children. We are sending home an information leaflet today with the children with information of what should be included in each shoebox. Shoeboxes need to be ready for Friday the 5th of November so they can be collected and sent to their recipient in time for Christmas. This is completely optional. If you decide to take part in the appeal one shoebox per family or one per child could be sent in. It is up to parents themselves to decide what they would like to do. We know that from doing this in previous years the children really enjoy putting their little shoebox together and it also helps them to reflect on how lucky they all are to come from such wonderful families themselves.