Third Green Flag - Water Conservation

Children and teachers in Kilbride National School are working very hard trying to get our third green flag. For the third flag we are all working very hard at conserving water. The children have been working very hard for the last year and a half and will continue working on conserving water. The children have recently watched a video on Youtube called Save Water to Help the Earth. We also looked at all the information on We have also been learning about the ten tips to save water.

10 Tips to Save Water

  1. Don't let the tap run
  2. Be a leaky tap detective
  3. Don't run while brushing
  4. Spend less time washing
  5. Use your head - use a bucket
  6. Don't be mean if your clothes aren't clean
  7. Say "No" to the hose
  8. Use a basin to wash your fruit and vegetables
  9. Don't abuse it - re - use it
  10. Spread the word

Lets all keep working really hard to get our third Green Flag for Kilbride National School. We can do it!